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A seamless, convenient experience for continuous three day two night luxury cruising from October 2017. Beautifully appointed wooden junk with modern amenities, classy dining experience in intimate surrounds, lounge and sundeck for uninterrupted, breathtaking views of Halong Bay.

  • Secluded, exclusive 3 day 2 night itinerary
  • No need to switch the boat on the second day
  • Free-flow food and drinks
  • 50 minute spa treatment per person per day
  • Airline lounge access at Hanoi International Airport
  • Professional stewards to attend to your needs
  • Paradise Prestige Ship Design
  • The Royalty Experience on Paradise Prestige Cruise Halong Bay
  • Wellness in Paradise Prestige Cruise Halong Bay

The Ship Design

With its traditional wooden junk design and sophisticated styling, the Paradise Prestige offers guests classic luxury cruising that is unparalleled. The spectacular karst seascape and clear, emerald sea can be viewed from the comfort of the sundeck, or the more intimate setting of the lounge area.

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Halong Bay 3 Day 2 Night Cruise | Paradise Prestige Cruise 3 day 2 night Prestige cruise
Price from: US$ 510 per person

For seemless and exclusive Halong Bay experience, Paradise Cruise introduces the first and only wooden boats, namely Prestige that runs 3 day 2 night cruise continuously. Thus, you do not need to transfer to another boat on the second day while other cruise operators in Halong cannot offer. Moreover, you also have chance to experience all-inclusive benefits and complementary access to Business Lounge at Hanoi International Airport on departure.

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