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A classic wooden interior, a sophisticated dining room with intimately placed furniture, an expansive sundeck filled with sun beds and comfortable lounge areas exhibiting the best views of Halong Bay.

  • 4 Luxury Boats
  • 17 Intricately Designed Cabins per Boat
  • Spa & Wellness Outlets
  • Spacious Sundeck
  • Professional Stewards
  • Excellent Food
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  • Paradise Luxury Cruise in Halong
  • Paradise Luxury Cruise in Halong Bay
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The Ship Design

The Paradise Luxury Cruise is the first of its kind in Ha Long Bay. Inspired by the traditional junk boat with a rustic touch of classical designs and wooden details, the cruise sets itself apart from all the boats in the bay; creating a charming space whilst guests watch the spectacular views of the karst limestone formations and the emerald waters.

Paradise Luxury Deck Plan
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A selection of cruises on Paradise Luxury
The Luxury Combo: Five-Star Hotel  + Cruise The Luxury Combo: Five-Star Hotel + Cruise
Price from: US$ 223 per person

Get the most of elegant Hanoi and enchanting Ha Long Bay with this astounding combo, which includes airport pick-up, accommodation in Hanoi, and an unforgettable cruise with Paradise Luxury.

2 day 1 night Luxury cruise 2 day 1 night Luxury cruise
Price from: US$ 246 per person

Escape from your everyday life and take a glimpse at the infinite beauty of Halong. With this two-day one night journey, you will have the chance to experience a short but well defined moments with Paradise. Activities and delicious gourmet meals will be accompanying you throughout your amazing discovery.

3 day 2 night Luxury cruise 3 day 2 night Luxury cruise
Price from: US$ 468 per person

Three days to fully discover and experience what the bay has to offer.  A journey of wonderful discoveries and well deserved relaxation. Take the time to fully enjoy the moment and let the surrounding amaze you with its lush greens and tranquil waters.