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Cultivating pearls has been a tradition in Halong Bay, but sharing the process of pearl making with tourists has only been a relatively recent addition to cruising itineraries. The Tung Sau Pearl Farm, which uses the Mikimoto technique to cultivate pearls, takes visitors through the process of creating pearls in a short, but informative tour.

A tender from the ship transports visitors to Tung Sau Pearl Farm. When disembarking, visitors are given an overview of the pearl making process, as well as being introduced to the types of oysters and pearls - including colours and shapes- that can be cultivated.

A short walk across the jetty and oysters in their cages - some as small as scallops, others bigger than a hand depending on their age - are lifted from the calm, jade water of Halong Bay.

Another short walk, and tourists are given a demonstration into how pearls are created. An artisan opens the oyster’s shell, put the seed inside skillfully and closes the shell within a minute. Visitors are ushered to the harvesting area where an oyster is opened, which may or may not contain a pearl. Mother Nature is capricious, and there are any number of reasons as to why the oyster doesn’t always create a pearl.

The Tung Sau Pearl Farm also has an extensive range of pearl jewelry ready for purchase after the tour. What better souvenir of your trip to Halong Bay than a beautiful pearl pendant or exquisite pair of earrings?


Tung Sau Pearl Farm