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Halong Bay Cruise Port Guide 2019

Have you ever travel through the world's bays by cruises? If not, let’s try once. Crossing the vast ocean on luxury cruises and visiting beautiful bays will be an unforgettable experience. However, do not forget to visit Halong Bay - a wonderful work created by Mother Nature with the numerous limestone karsts, caves and islets of various shapes and sizes which designed by nature in the past thousand years.

With a team of experts, along with many years of experience serving the most demanding guests, Paradise is honor to accompany you in the journey of discovering Halong Bay - the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The familiar appointment of visitors in Halong

Tuan Chau is a popular stop for tourists when coming to the beautiful Ha Long. Tuan Chau is an island surrounded by the forest of pine, which is one of the tourist attractions when coming to Ha Long Bay and the one of the major tourist destinations in the recent years

All the explorings Ha Long Bay will start from Tuan Chau port. Paradise Cruise Center is also located in this lovely island.

Tuan Chau Port where to start the journey in Halong Bay

Exploring Halong Bay with Paradise Cruise

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Paradise Cruise is sailing in Halong Bay

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Registration status

When you leave your cruise, you need to register with the local authority for permission to stay in Ha Long Bay.

  • If you are already registered, you just need to get ready to cruise over Ha Long Bay with Paradise.
  • If you are not registered, Paradise will help you to regist. A detailed discussion would be provided when you book the cruise with us.

Pick-up points

There are two places where you will get off your cruise and Paradise can pick you up.

Cai Lan Port: Highway no.18, Bai Chay Ward, Halong City.

Cai Lan port is one of the most important port in the North of Vietnam and well-known for tourism. With the advantages of natural resources and to meet the demand of sea transportation of the country, Cai Lan port attracted a lot of investment to upgrade to become international seaport.

Intenational sea cruise in Cai Lan Port

Bai Chay  Port:  Bai Chay Ward, Halong City, Quang Ninh Province.

Bai Chay is one of two pieces to design a beautiful Ha Long. Bai Chay port is the busiest waterway in Ha Long because it has known as the first port for yachts to serve tourists on the voyage anchored. This is also the ideal place for high-end international cruise ships to choose as a stopover on their journey.

Visitors in Bai Chay Port

Transfer option

Paradise will pick-up you at the locations mentioned above. Paradise shuttle bus will approach and pik-up you at the port entrance. It will take 20 - 30 mins from Bai Chay and Cai Lan Port to Paradise Cruise Center.

Paradise Cruise center at Halong Bay