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Transportation around Halong Bay

Transportation around Halong Bay

You make a perfect cruise tour besides collecting essential information of what to do on cruise, how to enjoy the local food, perceiving the bay’s stories. Last but not least is how to get to Halong Bay and transport around. Book a flight to Hanoi, Vietnam then arrive Tuan Chau Island.

Weather in Halong Bay by Seasons

Weather in Halong Bay by Seasons

Halong Bay weather provides visitors with exciting holiday choices according to their personal preferences. Whether it is a dynamic sport day on waters or a quiet relaxing night around the island, season changes here can fully complete every trip with the best experiences.

Notable geological value of Halong Bay

Notable geological value of Halong Bay

The landscape of Halong Bay is spectacular, first inscribed by UNESCO as a naturally significant site worth preserving in 1994. In 2000, Halong Bay had the honour of being recognised again as the World Heritage Site for its geological and geomorphic features.

The Biodiversity Value of Halong Bay

The biodiversity value of Halong Bay

What is not so well known is the biodiversity of Halong Bay: landscape of ocean, mountains, forests-fed by fresh, salt and brackish water support complex ecosystems and is home to dozens of rare plants, animals, marine fauna & flora.

Value of Cultural History in Halong Bay

Value of cultural history in Halong Bay

Without a doubt, Halong Bay is world famous for its karst islands and islets, spectacular caves and grottoes. But what is also of interest to tourists, particularly those who have a love of history, is the culture of Halong, which is steeped in ancient traditions, mythology and legend.

Cool things to do on a Halong cruise

Cool things to do on a Halong cruise

Halong Bay cruise is one of the most sweet and memorable tour in Vietnam because of cool things to do such as Overnight cruising; Discover hidden treasures; Eat, drink and be merry; Indulge yourself; Continuous learning; Up and close and personal; Sunrise, sunset.

Amazing Sunrise in Halong Bay | Paradise Cruise

Sunrise in Halong Bay

The dawn in Halong Bay is amazing time on cruise. Take a cup of tea, go up to the sundeck, enjoy the fresh air from the sea and immerse yourself in the peaceful morning. If you want to capture awesome pictures of sunrise in Halong Bay, let your dream set sail in June or July.

Awesome Sunset in Halong Bay | Paradise Cruise

Sunset in Halong Bay

The dusk is a fascinating moment that you may experience on Halong Bay cruise. Indulge yourself at an astonishing twilight with Paradise's Happy Hour on sundeck. Best time to capture the sunset in Halong Bay is 5h30-6h00 PM (summer time) from June to July.

The Legend of Halong Bay | Paradise Cruise

The Legend of Halong Bay

Herein Halong Bay, there was a time when humans and mythical beings assumedly shared the same existence. Together, they constantly fought against the Northern enemies to reclaim the freedom for Vietnam.

Take a Peek at Halong Bay’s Finest Beaches

Take a Peek at Halong Bay’s Finest Beaches

Cruising along the world’s famous Halong Bay and landing in one of its finest beaches may be a perfect wrap-up for the day. These 6 destinations are the perfect places for the relaxation and recreation trip!


Top 5 Halong Bay Islands 2017 - Reviews and Photos

Top 5 Halong Bay Islands

Besides the marvelous grotto system, Halong Bay amazes its visitors by the splendid island beauty as each destination is a diverse creation from the Mother Nature with stunning marine landscapes.

The Fascinating Islets of Halong Bay

The fascinating islets of Halong Bay

Cruising the serene, emerald waters of Halong Bay, travelers can observe first-hand the diversity of the karst towers and pillars. Beside the green islands, the less well known islets are worth exploring for a unique experience and an insight into lo Vietnamese culture.

Amazing Caves in Halong Bay

Amazing caves in Halong Bay

The limestone of Halong Bay has resulted in beautiful cave systems that are ready to be explored by eager tourists. Depending on the itinerary, in fact, it would be safe to say that no cruise trip in Halong Bay is complete without a visit to one of these spectacular caves.

Halong Bay Authorities to allow kayak use again

Lift the ban on kayaking in Halong Bay

After a month of scrutiny and hundreds of complaints, requests from travel agents, operators, and visitors, the Halong Bay authorities have finally lifted the ban for kayak use in the bay from 1st May 2017.

Dark and Bright Cave - Inevitable Part of The Heritage Site

Dark & Bright Cave

Dark and Bright grotto is not only known for the stunning limestone structure at every turn but also for the interesting natural habitat. On the cliff one still find traces of fossils of fresh-water snails, which prove that the cave was inhabited thousands of years ago.