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Halong Bay Travel

Transportation around Halong Bay

Transportation around Halong Bay

You make a perfect cruise tour by collecting essential information of what to do on cruise, how to enjoy the local specialties, perceiving the bay’s stories. Last but not least is transportation from Hanoi to Halong Bay and all the way around.

The Legend of Halong Bay | Paradise Cruise

The Legend of Halong Bay

Herein Halong Bay, there was a time when humans and mythical beings assumedly shared the same existence. Together, they constantly fought against the Northern enemies to reclaim the freedom for Vietnam.

Weather in Halong Bay by Seasons

Weather in Halong Bay by Seasons

Halong Bay weather provides visitors with exciting holiday choices according to their personal preferences. Whether it is a dynamic sport day on waters or a quiet relaxing night around the island, season changes here can fully complete every trip with the best experiences.

Top 5 Halong Bay Islands 2017 - Reviews and Photos

Top 5 Halong Bay Islands

Besides the marvelous grotto system, Halong Bay amazes its visitors by the splendid island beauty as each destination is a diverse creation from the Mother Nature with stunning marine landscapes.

Luon Cave - Where You Can Explore a Cave by Kayaking

Luon Cave

Luon Cave is famous for its green complex and in-mountain waters and islands, a popular destination for most bamboo boat rowing tours in Halong Bay. The cave is located in the northeast of Bo Hon Island, about 14 kilometers to the south of Bai Chay Beach, near the Turtle Islet and the Surprise Cave.

Dark and Bright Cave - Inevitable Part of The Heritage Site

Dark & Bright Cave

Dark and Bright (also known as Day and Night) grotto is not only known for the stunning limestone structure at every turn but also for the interesting natural habitat. On the cliff one still find traces of fossils of fresh-water snails, which prove that the cave was inhabited thousands of years ago.