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2 day 1 night cruise

Every traveller’s dream, a journey that takes you on an eye-opening experience of UNESCO World Heritage Site Halong Bay, witnessing it’s spectacular landscapes, karst limestone islands, and rich ecosystem.

The Luxury Combo: Hotel  + Cruise The Luxury Combo: Hotel + Cruise
Price from: US$ 231 per person

Get the most of elegant Hanoi and enchanting Ha Long Bay with this astounding combo, which includes airport pick-up, accommodation in Hanoi, and an unforgettable cruise with Paradise Luxury.

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2 day 1 night Luxury cruise 2 day 1 night Luxury cruise
Price from: US$ 246 per person

Escape from your everyday life and take a glimpse at the infinite beauty of Halong. With this two-day one night journey, you will have the chance to experience a short but well defined moments with Paradise. Activities and delicious gourmet meals will be accompanying you throughout your amazing discovery.

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2 day 1 night Peak cruise 2 day 1 night Peak cruise
Price from: US$ 540 per person

An adventure of a lifetime with Halong Bay’s most luxurious boat, the Paradise Peak two-day itinerary is the complete definition of a well-deserved getaway faraway from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. Indulge in a variety of experiential activities, locally produced specialty menus, and 24-hour butler service.

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2 day 1 night  Elegance cruise 2 day 1 night Elegance cruise
Price from: US$ 270 per person

With our Paradise Elegance, the newest cruise ship in our Paradise fleet, every moment can amaze. During 2 day 1 night cruise, this newest nautical masterpiece takes you to the highlights of Halong Bay at the least busy times while committing the highest level of service in the Bay.

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Paradise Elegance Opening Offer Paradise Elegance Opening Offer
Price from: US$ 210 per person

Enjoy a complimentary one night stay at a five-star hotel in Hanoi and one night at the newly-launched five star Paradise Elegance Cruise. Experience Halong journey of distinction at an exclusive rate.

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Paradise Elegance Wellness Cruise Paradise Elegance Wellness Cruise
Price from: US$ 296 per person

Another masterpiece of Paradise Cruise vessel – Paradise Elegance. Enjoy a cruise & spa package for supreme relaxation and care: glide upon peaceful waters while nurturing your body and senses in one of the most stunning seascapes nature has ever designed.

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