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Halong Bay cruise recommendations

A handy guide to selecting the best Halong Bay cruise

There are many Halong Bay cruises to choose from, it may take your time. Paradise Cruises understands, so in this 8-step guide we will help you find the best cruise for you.

Best time to cruise Halong Bay

The best time to cruise Halong Bay

Get to know the best time to cruise Halong Bay, including key events and festival, peak and off-peak seasons, weather and cruise price, cool things to do, nationality of cruise passengers.

Halong Bay cruise recommendations

Best recommendations for Halong Bay boat trip 2018

Keen to cruise Halong Bay? Not sure what the best options are for you? Paradise Cruises is here to help. We give you the best Halong Bay cruise recommendations for 2018 to assist you plan the perfect luxury journey for you.

Things to do in Halong Bay

Cool things to do on a Halong Bay tour

When you cruise Halong Bay, your itinerary will include cool things to do to help you explore the area. Kayak around peaceful grottoes, explore fascinating cave systems, experience all the excitement of squid fishing, and discover ancient cultures.

Embarking and disembarking Halong Bay cruise

Boarding and disembarking Paradise Cruises

If you’ve booked your cruise in Halong Bay at Paradise Cruises, check out this page for our helpful guide for check-in and check-out procedure at Paradise Cruises.

Halong Bay cruise experience

Paying and tipping aboard Paradise Cruises

Paying and tipping can be a little confusing, particularly if this is your first time in Vietnam cruising Halong Bay with Paradise Cruises. With this guide, there’s no need to be concerned.

Dining aboard Halong Bay luxury cruises

Dining while cruising Halong Bay

Food is a delicious part of cruising experience in Halong Bay. Have a look at some details of dining on the best Halong Bay cruises. Let your dreams set sail!.

Things not to do in Halong Bay

9 things you should not do while cruising Halong Bay

While there are many "Things to do on a Halong Bay cruise" articles out there, are there things you shouldn't do? Find out here.

Halong Bay cruise packing tips

5 packing tips to enjoy a Halong Bay cruise

The weather in Halong Bay is quite mild and averages around seven hours of sunshine per day. This makes packing for your cruise very easy!

Halong Bay special cruise for celebration

Celebrate your special life moments aboard Paradise Cruises

Don't wait until it’s too late to start planning the special events in your life! Halong Bay is your perfect destination and Paradise Cruises offers the best boats and services in the Bay.

Halong Bay cruise recommendation

Suggestions to select a day trip or an overnight cruise in Halong Bay

If you are pressed for time, we recommend choosing a Halong Bay 2-day, 1-night cruise. If you have more time, select 3-day, 2-night tour to fully enjoy the cruise.

Communication on Halong Bay boat trip

On-board wifi and mobile connections in Halong Bay

Everything you need to know about the on-board internet and mobile connections in Halong Bay, as well as the best ways to stay in touch with your family and friends while cruising.

Tips for first time cruisers

Top tips for first time cruisers to Halong Bay

Paradise Cruises’ top tips for first time cruisers will ensure your trip to Halong is a wonderful experience that creates lasting, lifelong memories.

Best-selling Halong Bay cruise tours

Halong Bay’s best-selling cruise tours in 2017

Are you planning a cruise in Halong Bay? Want to consult experienced travelers for your plan? Paradise Cruises hope our best-selling cruise tours of 2017 will help you make a decision.

Best-selling Halong Bay cruises

Halong Bay’s best-selling cruises in 2016

There are so many options for overnight luxury cruising in Halong Bay that it can often be difficult to make a decision. Paradise Cruises hopes our best-selling cruises of 2016 will help you make a decision.